TBA and TBA are the two segments of the first episode of The Genie Family.


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Plot OverviewEdit


A frustrated Kan throws his failed math test papers into the ravine while complaining about school. While on his way home, he runs into his nemesis Bullko who chases him home until finally, he loses him through a wooden fence. That night at Kan's home, Kan tries to hide from his mother who wants to know how his math test went. To avoid having to tell her the truth, Kan hides in his closet and finds a hidden ladder leading to the attic. There, because of the accumulation of dust, Kan sneezes twice which summons, Hakushon Daimaō from his bottle. Daimaō introduces himself to his new master Kan and the two are acquainted with one another. For Kan's first wish, he wants a secret place to hide in. To sweeten the deal, Daimaō instead creates a palace that's far too big and destroys the roof of the Kan's home. So then Daimaō retracts the palace into his purse.

For his next wish, Kan asks Daimaō to help him with the problem he has with the neighborhood dog Bullko. So the two fly on Daimaō's red carpet to Bullko's location. Enroute to said location, the magic carpet tears in half and Daimaō hastily tries to suture it and accidentally sows Kan to the carpet as well. Finally, the duo reaches their destination, and Daimaō fishes up Bullko. Gaining the upper hand on the two, Bullko shreds the carpet to bits, causing them all to fall into the Bullko's owner's house. Bullko warns his master that thieves have broken in the house and his master fetches his gun. Daimaō then paints on a large canvas a bathroom to fool the owner and when he decides to use it, he then paints on his glasses a jungle. This also fools the owner as Bullko hidden underneath a tiger skin acts as if it's alive and so his owner starts to shoot at him. This continues until Daimaō switches, Bullko's owner's gun with one that backfires on him. Now covered in gunpowder, Kan requests that Bullko to leave him alone for now on and sneezes due to the aerosolizing gunpowder from Bulko. Because of this, Daimaō returns to his bottle, leaving Kan at the mercy of Bullko and his owner.


Walking home, Kan laments over how his mother wants him home early with a bag of groceries and soon runs into Bullko. Kan tries to sneakily avoid the dog, but it gets the best of him and steals his bag of groceries. Bullko then delivers the groceries to Kan's mother and is rewarded for it while she then claims that her son will be punished for his misbehavior. Upset by this predicament, Kan vows to get his revenge on Bullko and later tries to summon Daimaō by Bullko's house. The summoning fails due to Bullko sneezing first when Kan tries to summon Daimaō. When summoned, Bullko tries to attack Daimaō, chasing him up a tree. Daimaō then unintentionally flattens the dog when the tree breaks in half and flattens his new master. To fix this, Daimaō inflates Bullko, but overdoes it. So to fix this new problem, Daimaō pops Bullko with a needle. Eventually, Bullko learns that Daimaō is his servant and therefore wishes for a bunch of bones. Although Kan is livid that Bullko now has full control over Daimaō, he's then chased away by a barrage of arrows due to Bullko's wish.

Back at Kan's house, Kan plans to get Bullko to sneeze to emancipate Daimaō from his control. Meanwhile, Daimaō fulfills another one of Bullko's wishes for a bigger and better dog house and bed. Eventually, Daimaō the collar and chained Daimaō gets a flea. Daimaō's complaining annoys Bullko who scolds him for this complaining. Kan witnesses this and tries to get Bullko to sneeze with a bag of pepper he tosses toward him, but instead makes Daimaō sneeze. With his attempt to make Bullko sneeze failed, Kan escapes. The two then follow Kan with Daimaō's magic carpet, but mid-flight crash into a restaurant. Eventually, the two manage to catch up to Kan on a boat, to which, is pulled over by a police officer for riding a boat on dry land. Remedying this situation, Daimaō fills the surrounding area with water thereby allowing them to use the boat without any repercussions. Bullko then sneezes after being soaked with water, causing Daimaō to return to his bottle. Later, Kan tries to summon Daimaō again, but Bullko intervenes once again by sneezing. In order to help Daimaō out, Kan acts as a 2nd genie to fulfill the whims of Bullko.


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