Hakushon Daimaō Wiki

Hakushon Daimaō is one of the main characters of The Genie Family.


Hakushon is a big fat genie with no visible hair, beady black eyes, a bulbous nose, thick lips, and long protruding ears. He also has a pointed beard and mustache, and also he has buck teeth. He wears a cone-shaped hat that sometimes has a flower on its tip, no shirt that reveals his upper body, a red cape, a blue, and a yellow striped sash. He also wears white pants, red curled shoes, and carries on his person a green purse.


Hakushon is known to be a big dimwit, who is also known to cause more trouble than solve them.


In the initial English dub Bob in a Bottle he is renamed to Bob. His name Hakushon Daimaō roughly translates to Achoo the Demon King.