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*[ Louise]
*[ Louise]
*[ Kanta]
*[ Kanta]
*[;_1967-1968,_1987-1988) Guzura]
*[ Guzura]
*[ Gel Sadora]
*[ Gel Sadora]
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[[Category:The Genie Family]]

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Pandora to Akubi is a crossover between The Genie Family and Monster Strike.


Part 1 Shoot-Out on the PrairieEdit

Walking in an endless desert with no civilization in sight, Pandora laments on not being able to find a single Shard of Calamity. Her traveling companion Mopey tries to reason with her, but Pandora is too tired to move on. Pandora then yawns and instantaneously from the bottle she was pulling, outcomes the genie Akubi. Akubi then asks what Pandora wishes for and she wishes to be transported to the nearest town. And so, Akubi fulfills this wish by transporting her to a town called Three Hawks via a tornado. That night, at an unnamed town, a group of outlaws set aflame a town in search of someone that the leader vows to find. The following day back in Three Hawks, Sheriff Gō Mifune argues with a woman about his dream to be a racer, but he doesn't have the gall to start it. At that moment, Pandora and Akubi arrive in the sheriff's office and request his help in seeking the "Shards of Calamity". Pandora gives a detailed explanation of the Shards capabilities, but they refuse to help them as they don't believe them. The two later go to a saloon called the Sea Dragon and Pandora complains about the sheriff and woman's refusal to help them. Soon, however, the woman whose name is Louise arrives at the saloon and decides to help the two out. Meanwhile, Sheriff Gō apologizes to his car the Mach 5 for not using him by instead choosing to be a Sheriff instead.

That night the group of outlaws is shown to be not too far from the town of Three Hawks. The following day, the trio set out of town in search of a Shard of Calamity, but their aimless wandering becomes burdensome after a while. To rest their tired feet, Louise takes them to a small oasis that Sheriff Gō once told her about. Once the two young girls get drenched in water and Louise rescues Akubi from a poisonous snake with one of her throwing knives. It's then decided that they should return to the town and elsewhere, the group of outlaws are closing in on the town. At the saloon, Akubi and Pandora hear from two outlaws that they're looking for Louise whose real name is revealed to be Louise. When the bartender provokes the two outlaws, one of them reveals that they're part of the Andro Band. This causes a scene between the young girls and the two outlaws until Sheriff Gō arrives. Sheriff Gō manages to take out one of the outlaws, but one of them manages to escape and runs into Louise.

With the outlaw whose name was Akborn was locked up in a cell the Sheriff's place, Sheriff Gō wonders why he was there in the first place. Akubi tries to elaborate, but is cut off by Pandora, who then notices on the wanted poster of the outlaw leader, has a Shard of Calamity. Meanwhile, Louise reflects on her past with the Andro Band and why she left it in the first place. The following day, Akubi confronts the Andro Band and asks the leader Braiking Boss for his Shard of Calamity. He of course refuses and after learning that she's acquainted with Louise, takes her hostage in order to force Louise out of hiding. Once Louise learns of this and heads out to the designated location where Andro Band is at she runs into Pandora who's looking for Akubi. Louise warns Pandora about the situation and has her inform Sheriff Gō about it as well. Although at first reluctant to help out, Sheriff Gō decided to help Pandora out because of her determination to save Akubi. The two then head to the outlaws' location riding in Sheriff Gō's Mach 5.

Finally, Louise confronts Braiking Boss and his gang of outlaws and after a back and forth talk with each other. Sheriff Gō and Pandora arrive in the Mach 5 and create a smokescreen. Both Sheriff Gō and Louise then take out a few of the outlaws while Pandora rescues Akubi. To help out, Akubi uses her magic to take out the remaining outlaws. Sheriff Gō then exclaims that Braiking Boss should surrender. However, with a smirk, he refuses and uses his Shard of Calamity to transform into a giant monster. Disconcerted that if this would continue, Braiking Boss would thereby continue to culminate power from the shard thereby becoming "invincible". Pandora asks for Akubi's help once more and she uses her magic to transform Pandora into a costume from the Time Bokan series. With her new power, Pandora divides into 5 separate entities and defeats the Braiking Boss.

Afterward back in the town, the outlaws are taken away and Sheriff Gō decides to become a racer again. And although Pandora has gotten another Shard of Calamity, they still have many more to find. The following day, Pandora once again continues her adventure in search of the Shards of Calamity.

Part 2 The Village of Spirits and MonstersEdit

Pandora and Akubi are caught in a mighty blizzard and they both faint from exhaustion from trying to navigate through it. After they do, a monster finds them and brings them back to a village where they awaken in a boy named Kanta's home. After explaining to Kanta their goal to find the Shard of Calamity, they have Mopey dowse for one in the village center. As they do, Akubi notes how the villagers all look morose. Kanta then explains that it's because Spring has disappeared since it continually snows in the village. Pandora chimes in and asks how that could be, Kanta, however, dodges the question. He then informs them about the monster they saw amid the blizzard was real and is the alleged cause of the blizzard. Furthermore, Kanta vows to hunt down the monster as the best Hunter in the village. Hearing that, Akubi volunteers Pandora to help Kanta out with his endeavor, much to Pandora's dismay.

Afterward out in the woods, the trio locates and head into the hideout where the monster is at. While navigating through the cave, both Pandora and Akubi are separated from Kanta and find the monster. The monster introduces himself as Guzura and explains that he was the one who brought them to the village. Guzura also reveals that someone named Gel Sadora is the one responsible for the never-ending winter storm. It's all because picked up a weird stone in the forest, whereas Pandora and Akubi believe it's a Shard of Calamity. Back in the forest, the trio confronts Gel Sadora who, in fact, does have a Shard of Calamity. When asked to dispose of it because of its evil nature, Gel Sadora refuses as he's enamored with it. Pandora continues to beseech Gel Sadora to dispose of it, but Gel Sadora then fuses with it and attacks the group with a snowy blast. Akubi then uses her magic and both Akubi and Pandora transform into costumes from the Yatterman series and go on the offensive against Gel Sadora. Not going down easily, Gel Sadora summons a creature known as the Turtle King and freezes the girls. Guzura then tries to reason with Gel Sadora, but fails to convince his former friend to stop. So left with no other options, Guzura takes the two frozen girls out of the forest.

Back at the village, Kanta is shown warming up back in one of the villager's home. Kanta informs the villagers that Pandora and Akubi were eaten by the monster Guruza. It's at that moment that a villager informs them that the monster arrived in the village. Guzura did arrive in the village and immediately scared off the villagers who were terrified by Guzura's presence. Kanta then accosts Guzura and demands that he leave the village. At first, Guzura begrudgingly tries to leave, but after recalling the kind words, Pandora once told him, he refuses to. Adamantly, Guzura declares that he won't abandon his friends in their time of need. Remarkably enough, Kanta believes him as there's no way a "goofy monster" could be evil. Back at Kanta's home, Pandora and Akubei are thawed out and explain to Kanta the real culprit behind the endless winter.

Meanwhile, an incarnation of the Shard of Chaos taking the form of Gel Sadora warns him about how Pandora and Akubi want to take it away from him. Gel Sadora vows to not allow that it to happen and freezes the entire village frozen solid with his Turtle King. So, Akubi and Pandora both confront Gel Sadora again in the Yatterman costumes, but the villain easily overpowers them. Not wanting his friends to be hurt anymore, Guzura uses his flamethrower to face off against Gel Sadora. Guzura continues to do this until Pandora and Akubi arrive with the robot Yatterwoof. Yatterwoof, spawns a bunch of small mechanical Guzura that all jump onto Turtle King and start chewing on it thereby destroying it. With Gel Sadora's Turtle King destroyed, Pandora retrieves the Shard of Calamity, causing Spring to be restored. Heading off onto their next destination, Pandora trips, and falls. This causes Pandora's box she keeps to open and release the Shards of Calamity they've collected to disperse. Back at square one, the two recite their vow to hunt down all of the Shards of Calamity together.


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